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Resin driveways


Resin FAQ


Most installations will be installed with the harder setting buff resin which changes to a natural amber colour in UV light. When a lighter coloured aggregate is installed, silvers, beige and also black a UV stable resin must be used to avoid a clash between the amber colour of the resin and the colour of the stones. UV stable resin is more expensive due to the manufacturing process involved in making the resin non-colour changing. When ordering if a UV stable resin is required we will always advise at the time of ordering. In addition to the UV stable resin, a small amount of CA5 Catalyst needs to be added to each mixture to speed up the setting time.

WHAT SORT OF SURFACE CAN I INSTALL ONTO? A solid base must be in place for the resin to be installed onto, this could be an existing concrete or tarmac. In some cases the system can be installed onto existing patio flags if they are solid and there isn’t any movement in them. Installing onto flags isn’t recommended as they are liable to move over time which can cause the resin above to crack.

HOW MUCH WEIGHT WILL THE DRIVEWAY TAKE WHEN LAID? If laid at a depth of 15mm, the resin surface will take all domestic vehicles, cars, vans and caravans without any problems. Paths and patios that are for foot traffic only can be laid at 12m.

HOW LONG DOES THE RESIN TAKE TO SET? During the summer the trowel time is around 10 minutes before the resin starts to turn, the trowel time during winter is around 15/20 minutes. This sounds like a short setting time, however the material is quick to apply and shouldn’t cause any problems during the install.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MATERIAL? We recommend that you always over order when purchasing materials to ensure you don’t get caught out on site. These are specialist resins and aggregates and need to be ordered in to your requirements.

WHAT IS PRIMER C AND WHY DO I NEED IT? Primer C should be purchased when installing onto a concrete surface to prevent delaminating between the resin and the sub-base. Each 5L tin covers around 48m2 and can be applied using a decorator’s roller brush.

IF I’M INSTALLING A NEW SUB-BASE, WHAT SHOULD I DO? We recommend that 3 to 6 inches of compacted hard-core are laid once the surface has been dug down to solid earth. This should then be topped with around 2 inches of open textured (often referred to as base coat) tarmac. Sufficient time needs to be left for the tarmac to fully set before installing the resin surface. Alternatively a concrete base can be installed, this needs to be a minimum of 4 inches thick for domestic vehicle traffic.

HOW LONG DO I NEED TO LEAVE BEFORE I CAN PARK MY CAR ON THE DRIVE? Once the driveway has been laid, we recommend that 4 hours is left for foot traffic and 24 hours is left before vehicles drive on the surface.

DOES THE WEATHER NEED TO BE GOOD TO LAY THE SYSTEM? The conditions need to be fair when the system is installed, the temperature should be between 5 and 25 degrees celsius and the area should be free from dirt and grime. It is important that the surface is dry when the system is installed and doesn’t come into contact with water when setting.